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Thursday, October 26, 2006


Retro emulation

Hello friends, I have been messing around with DOSBox which is an open source DOS emulator. It can emulate the x86 platform and allow you to play all your old MS-DOS games and software. You can adjust the speed of DOSBox as well as the frame rate. CTRL+F12 speeds it up, CTRL+F11 slows it CTRL+F8 increases frames per second, CTRL+F7 slows it. You can mount directories using the mount command. I suggest making a DOS folder to store your DOS software in. Let's say you want to mount the dos folder which is located at something like /home/monsuco/dos/ then you would type
mount c /home/monsuco/dos

and it would mount the dos folder as C. Then just type C: to switch into the fake C drive. DOSBox is an emulator, so if you have a really crappy computer, it may not be able to do really well at those later DOS games that were released. It works on Windows, Linux, and Mac. If you want to use it for gamming, you could go to Abandonia to download some abandonware games. I am uncertain of their copyright though, but many are completely abandoned.


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