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Monday, August 14, 2006


School is starting soon

Well, school is starting fairly soon. I am sorta glad, it was getting rather dull not having anything to do but my latin for the summer (and maybe I can get a bit of help on it when school starts). I will miss hanging around at home but I am getting bored. Plus I will get the laptop back. I wonder if I ever really will learn to program Java and C? I sure hope so. I might learn a tad bit of C++ as I think most GUI's for programs need C++.

I have been playing around recently with the LiveCD of Sun's Project Looking Glass. It is a fun little 3D desktop environment written in Java. It is fun to play with. The CD is based on Slax (Slackware Live) but it is easy enough to use. It needs reasonably modern hardware. I wouldn't try it with less than 512 MB of ram (and a swap partion) and reccomend 1GB. I would also reccomend having either an ATI or NVidia graphics card (it comes with drivers). It is much cooler looking than Windows Vista's Aero, and OSX's Aqua.

Friday, August 04, 2006


Lenovo to Load Linux on ThinkPad Laptop

Recently, IBM and Lenovo announced they plan to sell a laptop with Suse preloaded on it. I am glad that they decided to do this. I personally believe that the one major thing holding linux back is that no major PC makers preload linux onto PCs or offer PCs without Windows. HP has also allowed a few of their PCs to have linux on them as an OEM option, and Dell has the nSeries that are sold with FreeDOS. Sure, that is a start, but what would be nice is if a company offered to sell all of their PCs with the option of choosing between linux and windows (with a lower price for linux of course). It would be an easy way to sell computers for a lower price without risking profits. I am not surprised that IBM did this, as IBM has disliked MS ever since their messy breakup over the OS/2 project. I suspect HP may also start supporting linux since they feel MS's choice to delay Vista has hurt them a lot more than it hurt rival Dell as HP sells goods via store and Dell sells via internet or phone order.


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