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Sunday, April 30, 2006


Sony, worse for musicians than pirates!

According to CNET,Sony only pays some artist 4 cents per song. I cannot believe Sony. Payola, infecting people's computers with malware, and now this. I guess I will continue to refuse to buy from Sony. It seems like it is better to support an artist by going on a P2P network, downloading some of their songs, then sending them a letter with a few bucks in it. Hopefully soon, BMG and the other music companys will hit bankruptcy and the RIAA will die off. Sony looks like it is becomming the first fallen giant.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Enough of this! The government must stop regulating the internet

According to CNET Congress is creating an insane new digital copyright bill. This piece of trash will only involve the government more in a place they need to leave. The internet is not the enemy, DRM is the enemy. If this law passes, I would say people should break it. There is no way any sane human being could see this as fair. The DMCA is unconstitutional enough. This is downright like an RIAA ran dictatorship. I reccomend voting against any bribed jackass in congress that votes for this law, and if this law passes, I would say, break it. This is foolish. The public needs to NEVER buy from the RIAA and MPAA. Pirate everything and starve those corrupt bastards of all their money! Code is a form of speach and expression, just like books and the like, and thus, is protected by the 1st amendment. This law would unconstitutionally restrict code and it would make it illegal to possess tools that could be used for copyright infringment. Hopefully the government will tell the RIAA to beat it. The DMCA MUST BE REPEALED. This law would give someone who commits the psudocrime of piracy 10 years in prison. There are SEX OFFENDERS WHO SERVE LESS JAIL TIME THEN THAT! If this kind of trash passes for law in this country, I can see me moving to a country with sane copyright laws (by which I mean, weak copyright laws) and distributing tools that remove digital restrictions managment and tools which aid in piracy. Piracy is becomming more of a good thing in my mind. It is not theft, as theft hurts the victem, while piracy does not. I urge everyone to write to congress telling them not to pass this. I also encourage everyone to write to our president and tell him to veto it if it comes to him (few vetoed items will ever gain a 2/3s override). I have agreed with much of what the Bush administration has done, but I would never agree with this. I would rather have a liberal in office than have this law. Hopefully, if it passes, enough lawsuits by the victems will defeate this law. I also encourage everyone to write to the RIAA and MPAA stating you will no longer buy from them due to digital restrictions managment.

Fortunitly, not everything is being infested with digital restrictions managment. GNU and the Free Software Foundation are about to change the GNU general public liscense to ban people from implimenting DRM in GPL based products. This would mean TiVo could no longer use linux to power their boxes or they would be forced to play fair and ditch DRM. This would prevent people from destroying the OS's security with poorly written, closed source, Hollywood rights infringment.

Also, quit buying MPAA films. Either pirate or do without. Quit buying RIAA songs, either go indie, pirate, or do without. Don't buy from Napster, iTunes, or any other sites. Buy from All of MP3, Bleep, and eMusic instead. Also, send letters to artist, actors, and producers telling them that you won't commit piracy unless they only provide DRMed items. Use free software and refuse DRM. Destroy big media!

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Searching for a job

I have gotten a job app from Carls Junior, and hopefully, I will get a job there. I am just a high schooler, so there's no rush to get one, but it sure would be nice. I think I'll change some things in te blog layout soon.

Saturday, April 08, 2006


Greetings from Lubbock

I am in Lubbock Texas. Oh how exciting /sarcasm. Bleh, I am leaving today though. I have no idea how I will get home. Hopefully I don't have to ride the bus, as I had to ride the bus from Raton to Lubbock, and that was long, dull, and slow, but a bus is more comfortable to ride in than a car.
This laptop has been amazingly useful. I have used it to show my grandma and great grandma a lot about the web. I can find unencrypted wifi signals at both their houses.


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