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Tuesday, March 07, 2006



I have found a great LimeWire alternitive, FrostWire. FrostWire doesn't nag you to buy a pro version and recently, limewire decided to develope code to block unliscensed files from Gnutella. Fortunitly, limewire is open source. FrostWire is located in another country and will never block unliscensed materials. Screw you RIAA, you will never win. The hobbyist, hackers, music lovers, freedom lovers, and intelegent people will always win.

Sunday, March 05, 2006


QEMU Virtual PC Emulator

QEMU is a program that allows for your computer to act like there is another computer inside of it. It is a great tool for those who want to learn to use Linux or run two opperating systems at once. The only issue QEMU has is it is rather slow. This is because it must emulate all processes. To put it simply, it makes your computer act like there is another computer inside of it, and it has your processor act like it is a second processor. QEMU works on Linux, Unix, BSD, Mac OSX, and Windows 2000 and XP. Also, there is an app called QEMU accelerator, which reduces the emulation through a process of virtualization, were your OS and the guest OS share some resorces rather than devide them. Unfortunitly, while QEMU Accelerator is free, it is only free as in free beer, not free as in freedom. You may not redistribute, reverse engineer, or modify the accelerator.QEMU needs a decent computer to run well. In particular, it uses a large quantity of RAM.
If you want some ready made OS images to run on QEMU, try Free OS Zoo. Free OS Zoo is a site that makes .img files of ready to run OSs. Go ahead give em a shot. I would make sure you have the latest bittorrent client avalible. I would go with Azureus. Bit Torrent is a P2P protocol that reduces strain on servers by allowing people downloading a file to download from each other. There are many bit torrent clients. I recomend Azureus because it has many great features while also being compatable with most of the other ones. It features peer exchange to find more peers. It also allows for encryption, to prevent ISPs from blocking it. Some internet service providers, such as Cox (USA) and Rojers (Canida) block BT because it uses a lot of bandwidth and they are too cheap to buy more. Encryption prevents them from being capable of doing that. If you use an ISP such as Comcast, which doesn't block or throddle traffic, it will not encrypt to allow it to communicate with other nonencrypters but will still encrypt with the encrypters.

Back to QEMU. Some Windows users may need 7-Zip to unpack the .tar.gz and .tar.bz2 files. 7-Zip is a valuble compression tool.

Then visit the downloads page. Download the OS you want to try and go nuts. (warning, carve out some time to download, it takes a while. I recommend setting Azerous to download all of them over the course of a day or two and leaving the PC on if you have broadband. If it only lets you DL 2 or so at a time, right click each of the ones that wont start and hit "force download".) If your like me and don't like most command line applications (with exception to DOS and Linux terminal, command line is te suxor), you can try one of their graphical QEMU managers. Their listed on the download page. Tell me if ya need help. Have fun. Also, there are versions of React OS, Puppy Linux, and Damn Small Linux that run on QEMU inside of Windows (or another Linux Distro) without you having to install QEMU. You may want to search for em.


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