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Monday, February 27, 2006


CC Some Rights Reserved

In the event that anyone reads this blog, I have decided to license it under a Creative Commons license. I am doing this because I feel that it is the best license available. I choose to go with allowing commercial use and derivative works, but I did limit it with a copyleft. A copyleft is the use of copyright law to control derivative works. If you want to create a work based on this one you can, but you must use the same license I used to do so. Copylefts are used to prevent commercial takeovers of a work. For example, there was a famous incident were Microsoft referred to GNU General Public license, a popular open source license which uses copylefts as a cancer on the software industry after they were forced to give away the source code of a piece of developer software which M$ used pieces of Linux's code in. Linux is a GNU GPL piece of open source software (most distro's are anyways)
The only other thing you must do to comply with this license is remember to cite me as the original author. I see CC licenses as the solution to today's copyright problems. Check out their website. I hope you too decide to author any of your creative work under a CC or GNU license.

Sunday, February 26, 2006


More on my grand linux idea

I have gone a long way on learning linux. I have leaned some of the methods of installing things, although I won't be able to use automatix for everything, and I have no idea were the installed program folder is. I know I installed a few things I don't have launchers for (shortcuts).

I have a screenshot of my new desktop:

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Ubuntu Linux

I am trying very hard to learn to use a new and exciting version of Linux OS called Ubuntu Linux for use on our spare basement computer. Ubuntu aims to be reasonably easy to use, free (as in freedom to modify, redisitribute, and change) and suitable for all needs. It is fun, but it ain't Windows, that's for sure. Linux is fun. I have used Damn Small Linux some too. DSL aims to be light and able to work on older PC's. It weights in at just 50 MB of required disk space (compaired to the 1,000 MB or so required by Windows XP) and needs 8 MB of RAM but in order to run without virtual memory, it require's 16 MB (Windows XP requires 128 MB to run at all and 256 MB to run without using virtual memory for the OS.) DSL is so insanely small, it can fully run INSIDE of Windows running as a program. Due to the heavy amounts of emulation required, doing this slowes DSL down by 5 or 6 times. Both distro's rock.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Internet Explorer 7: Beta 2 Preview

Internet Explorer 7: Beta 2 Preview
Ok, this browser is a piece of crap. It is light years beyond IE 6.0, but still buggy (granted, it is a beta) and it looks like crap.

Saturday, February 04, 2006



My school decided to lend me a laptop for a while. It doesn't mean I don't plan to eventually get my own though. I may get a rebuilt laptop. If so I may have to get my own OS. If so, Windows, which cost like $70-$100 wouldn't be my first choice, I would probably try Linux. I would use Ubuntu


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