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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


The ultimate live CD

Sorry I havent posted in a long time.

Earlier this week, I was playing around with Knoppix a useful and powerful linux distro. Knoppix is designed to be used entirely as a "live" CD. All you do is download it, burn it to CD, and then reboot with it in the CD drive. No installation needed. It is a great way to learn linux (it is rather slow though, as it must run from a CD, also, you need about 256 MB of RAM for it to work.) When you reboot and remove the CD, it goes back to using your normal OS. There are two versions of Knoppix. The CD and DVD. The CD has about 2 GB worth of compressed software (it uses on the fly decompression) and the DVD has about 8 GB of software. If you have a large enough swap partion, you can actually design your own knoppix CD. Knoppix comes with lots of FOSS software preinstalled (and if you have a large swap, or a lot of ram, you can temporarily add more). It has multiple desktop environments and the like. It also comes with Fuse installed (previously it used captive) to write to NTFS, the file system normally used by Windows XP and 2000 and NT. It can also write to Fat, Fat 32, Ext 2, Ext 3, and I think Reiser, Reiser 4, and HFS are supported too. It comes with a rootkit checker to remove linux rootkits. It also has ClamAV to allow you to disinfect a windows partion if your system gets infected, so it makes a great recovery CD. It has loads of FOSS stuff installed and is a great learner disk. It can also be used to investigate hackings. It can also assist in the backing up of data if your windows or linux partion is so screwed up that it must be formated or reinstalled or if the boot sector of the HDD is damaged. You can also have it set up swap partions if it needs more RAM. It uses the Union FS to enable it to merge CD data with RAM. It also has several linux games, open office, firefox, konqueror, Wine, winetools, and many other useful programs installed. You can install knoppix to the HDD (it is a debian based distro) but it is probably better to use debian or ubuntu as knoppix is not ment to run from the HDD and it may not work out too well.

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