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Thursday, July 06, 2006


Fun with Ubuntu Dapper Drake

Recently Ubuntu has released version 6.06 LTS codenamed "Dapper Drake". Ubuntu is an easy to install and use, but powerful linux distribution. I had installed Ubuntu on my old basement PC, but wanted to try it on modern hardware. So I decided that since I still occasionally seem to need Windows for things like syncing with my MP3 player, I would "multiboot" my upstairs PC. I used a bootable CD called GParted to resize my hard disk. My HDD is 200 GB in size. Previously about 194 of it was for Windows, and 6 was for the recovery partion. Now I resized everything and gave Linux 40 GB and gave 1 GB for use as a Unix swap file (Linux, BSD, and other Unix-Like OS'S use a section of the HDD for swap so that if the RAM is filled, it can use the hard disk, Windows uses a swap file rather than a partion). Then, since I prefere KDE over Gnome (both are desktop environments, each just looks different, but they do the same thing) I chose to use the KDE based Kubuntu version. New users may prefer gnome though. I was impressed. Unlike the old installer CD, the new one is run via a "live" demo CD. The live CD boots from the CD drive into linux, and gives you the option of installing to the HDD. I should mention, that to multiboot, when installing and trying to multiboot, do not just keep hiting next. When you get to the partioner, stop and manually edit things. Ubuntu needs 1 partion formated as ext2 or ext3, and a swap (give about 512 mb for basic use, if you program or do heavy video editing, you may choose to give 1-2 GB of swap. I advise setting this up using GParted). Tell it to set the ext3 (I reccomend 3 over 2) partion to be the active one. Then just let it install.

Once again, when it gets to the partioner, DO NOT TELL IT TO ERASE THE ENTIRE HARD DISK.

If your lucky, linux will detect all hardware and properly set itself up. Laptops tend to be picky, as some Wi-Fi cards are not supported, and sometimes getting suspention to occour when the lid is closed is sometimes hard.

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