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Tuesday, June 06, 2006



A few weeks ago, we were robbed. My family's garage was broken into and several hundred dollars worth of stuff was stolen. This included an expensive bike, several hundred dollars worth of fishing gear, fishing polls (including an expensive fly rod), and hundreds of dollars worth of tools. They must have considered stealing our ski gear because that was moved around but not taken. They also dropped off a crappy bike for some reason. I think they realized that the bike they stole was nicer and they were out of room. They also didn't take my brother's bike, just my mom's. Heh, I guess they saw how smashed up my brother's bike is in due to the 12 or so wrecks he's been in with it. Our house hasn't exactly been lucky. Since we moved in, this house has been directly struck by lighning, caught on fire twice (both were minor electrical outlet fires due to the lightning damaging electronics), robbed, and several pipes have broken. Dang, our house is cursed. We will be talking to the police and looking at pawn shops to see if our stuff shows up. I should mention, a neighbor said that she was looking for her dog which got out at 3 AM one night. She said she noticed about 6 garage doors on our cul de sac were open. She said she didn't think much of it at the time, but I bet that those had all been broken into. Thank god I double check all the doors to make sure they are locked (both deadbolted and that thing that makes it so the knob will not turn are locked.) otherwise, they could have gotten in our house. All I know is that if I found one of them in our house, well then one of us would die cause I sure as hell would try to kill anyone who broke into our house. I am a little creeped out cause these guys also stole the two rifles that were in our garage. They were both air rifles, so I am not worried about them, but I sure as hell hope they didn't steal any real ones from neighbors.

Sorry to hear that Mon :( ~ Davie.
I think they just caught the guy who robbed us last night, but I want to have the police confirm that. ~Monsuco
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