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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Filesharing without IP sharing

MUTE: Simple, Anonymous File Sharing Wow. It looks like another hurdle for those idiots at the RIAA and MPAA to deal with. MUTE is an anonymous P2P network. Unlike Gnutella, Open Nap, FasTrack, or Bittorrent, MUTE does not reveal your IP address. Your IP is like an address for your PC. In order for the RIAA or MPAA to sue you, they must first obtain your IP. With Limewire, your IP is clearly visible. With MUTE, military grade encryption turns your IP into a hash. This makes it so that the RIAA and MPAA cannot trace your IP to your ISP and force them to tell who you are. MUTE is still young, so it isn't exactly rich with features, and all that encryption and the fact that it must connect to several "nodes" makes it slow. However, you won't get sued. Horray to that.

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